All prices for Garment and Linen cleaning are for standard every day wear.  Items requiring specialist care or cleaning may incur a surcharge.  Once you have placed the order and we have received your items we will check and confirm/advise your final bill.  For more information on surcharges please click here.

Lace/Frills/ Embellishments (Pleats on shirt front for example)
Embroidered Linen
Specialist Finish (wet look wool, etc.)
Delicate Material
Requires Wet Cleaning Process
Accessories (Beads, Sequins, Gemstones, Belts, Buttons)
Old Age/Wear and Tear
Care Label asks for very special processing
Combination Fabric and Leather
Prestige Brand (Gucci, YSL, , Christian Dior, Burberry, etc.)
No Care Label/Unidentifiable material or construction
Weak Dyes that could release in machine (clean on its own)
Express Same Day
Express Next Day/Weekend
Express other