Frequently asked questions

Q. What is your minimum order?

A. £10

Q. I need my shirts/dry cleaning tomorrow – can you help me?

A. Yes. Even today in some cases.

Q. How do I pay you for my laundry or dry cleaning?

A. Any way you wish! Cash or cheque on delivery, credit card by phone.

Q. Where do you collect from?

A. See postcode list on home delivery  page or work place delivery page.

Q. What happens if I can’t accept my laundry delivery personally?

A. We can leave it with a designated neighbour or porter if your address has this service, or in a basement area or even a box by the door.

Q. What happens if you can’t get a stain out?

A. We will phone you and tell you the problem. You may then say go ahead and take a risk or return the garment untouched.

Q. How can I be sure my favourite suit will be safe in your hands?

A. We count the items into the factory, out of the factory and onto the van. Depending upon the label we will not clean your item unless we are sure that no damage will be incurred. If there is a difficult stain we will phone you. Our unique Garment Guarantee means in the unlikely event that your garment is damaged or lost in our possession, we will pay for a replacement for you.